Fields involved

RoboCT technology involves robotics, rehabilitation medicine, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, bioinformatization, bionic robotics, high-precision sensors, industrial automation, machine vision, special robots and other fields.
rehabilitation medicine
Artificial intelligence
Internet of things technology

RoboCT science and technology

RoboCT Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating robot technology, software design and development. It is dedicated to exoskeleton robot technology and related robot technology, intelligent technology research and peripheral application development. AI means to provide medical institutions and individual users with intelligent products and application solutions to promote the development of medical rehabilitation and pension industry, for the benefit of patients with physical disabilities.


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RoboCT Participated in the “Science Talk” Interview Focusing on the Development of Exoskeletons

Recently, the series of entrepreneur talk program created by the "Science Talk" platform have been launched. The original intention of the program is to discuss the domestic technological innovation market opportunities through dialogue and exchanges with re...

New Product Release | 「Star Kid Rehab」Mini-Programme Launched

Star Kid Rehab is a remote product that provides auditory, language and cognitive training for children aged 0-13. It provides a series of services including assessment intervention, remote home guidance and professional training for children. Star Kid...

RoboCT Technology Presented a Series of Exoskeleton Products to Xi’an Exhibition

Recently, the 40th Western International Medical Equipment Exhibition was held in Xi'an. As a leading representative enterprise of rehabilitation exoskeleton, RoboCT appeared at the booth with a variety of rehabilitation exoskeletons and health care ro...