Cheng Tian Science and Technology is a research and development enterprise dedicated to exoskeleton robots. The R&D team consists of four main R&D departments: scientific research, machinery, electronics and software. It has many years of high-quality talents and technology, such as special robots and underwater robots, covering automation, the Internet, sports medicine and other professions. Close scientific research cooperation with Harbin University of Technology, Harbin Engineering (Harbin Military Industry), Zhejiang University, Carlton University of Canada and other universities, and with Harbin Medical University, Capital Medical University, Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Zhejiang Second Hospital, and other famous hospitals to cooperate in the study of exoskeleton rehabilitation programs. It provides better exoskeleton products for people who need mobility and need help.



Hangzhou telephone:0571-89167832

Hangzhou address:7 floor, building 2, 1326 West Wen Yi Road, Cang Qian street, Yuhang District, Hangzhou.

Harbin telephone:0451-82342913

Room 1429, K14 / F, science and Technology Building (TiB building), Science Park, Harbin University of technology, No. 92, xidazhi street, Nangang District, Harbin