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Product characteristics

◎Mobile site has strong adaptability: it can be widely used in various indoor environments, such as offices, buildings, shops, machine rooms and other places with relatively flat ground. It can also be used in a variety of outdoor sites, with standard obstacle crossing ability and wading ability. Lightweight shell design, effective dustproof and waterproof, protection grade up to IP55, can adapt to a variety of outdoor working environment.

◎With high cost performance: with strong passing, high load, high precision, high expansion, sufficient power and long endurance, it can be developed across platforms and support a variety of application scenarios. The platform provides bottom driver and API interface, precise top PID control and motion model, which is convenient for your hardware integration and secondary development. At present, it has been applied to storage logistics, unmanned patrol inspection, security, scientific research, exploration and other fields.

◎It has strong scalability: the platform can integrate lidar, camera, GPS and other sensors, PTZ, mechanical arm, gripper and other accessories. Based on the platform, it can realize slam autonomous path planning navigation, obstacle avoidance and other functions. It is suitable for the research and application of inspection, grabbing, intelligent driving, collaborative control, computer vision, deep learning and other technologies.