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Product characteristics

Feature rich:

Comprehensive and excellent standard functions, rich and practical advanced functions, help customers realize intelligent logistics easily.

Multi specification platform:

Provide a multi specification extensible platform from 200kg to 1000kg to meet the load and scene needs of different industries: it can cooperate with the manipulator roller, jacking, latent traction, pan tilt, display screen, etc., to realize a variety of chassis applications.

Precise control:

Through laser SLAM algorithm to achieve high-precision positioning, laser non reverse repeated positioning accuracy within ± 5mm, to achieve seamless docking between mobile robots, mobile robots and people, and efficient flow of goods between stations. (the actual value depends on the external conditions).

Stable and reliable:

Motor, drive and other motion control modules have accumulated more than 10000 sets of shipments. After long-term test, they are reliable and have been widely used in a variety of products.

Simple management:

Visualized operation software, multi machine scheduling system, visualized management system and all-round supporting software can easily realize the operation, scheduling and information management of mobile robots, and seamlessly connect with the MES system of the factory, so as to truly realize intelligent logistics.

Product advantage

◎360 degree omnidirectional movement, flexible and small;

◎The installation is quick and simple, and there is no need to change the use scene;

◎The movement module adopts hub motor, which has high integration and saves space;

◎Saving people and increasing efficiency, reasonable cost;

◎Low maintenance cost in later period.