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Machine vision grasping2018-09-04

Visual grasping system is a machine vision product of our company aiming at intelligent manufacturing field. This product can be combined with 6-axis or 7-axis manipulator to realize flexible production line. By pre-inputting the 3D model of the parts, through the later artificial evaluation and machine self-training, the scattered parts in the feeding box can be grasped accurately and the feeding function can be realized. Original parts Stereoscopic vision for obtaining point clouds Point cloud stereoscopic ima...MORE

binocular stereo vision2018-09-04

Binocular stereo vision is a bionic design, imitating the human binocular form can get richer visual and depth information. It can be used for target recognition, distance judgement, visual navigation, etc. software interface...MORE

2D visual recognition2018-09-04

2D vision recognition is mainly used for plane feature recognition, such as defect detection, object recognition, object location and other purposes, such as the detection of pin bending damage of a shielding case. Detected objects Blue marked pin loss. Red marks pin damage. Red marks the location of scratches. ...MORE