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Intelligent access controller2018-09-04

At present, most of the access control systems on the market are card/password access control. When the access control card is lost or the password is forgotten, it will be very troublesome, and the security is not high, easy to crack. Fingerprint, pupil and other high-end access control system is very expensive, and is not easy to promote in large areas. In view of the above situation, my team proposed to develop a new access control system, each door is configured with a unique two-dimensional code, the owner's ...MORE

Embedded electronic scaler2018-09-04

Hand-held calibrator is embedded high-specification marine equipment based on ARM architecture. Through the calibrator, TI embedded processor is used as the core of processing information. The coordinates on paper charts can be transformed into electronic charts in real time, which is convenient for navigation, orientation, marking and route management. With waterproof, dust-proof, moisture-proof, anti-collision and other characteristics, it can be used in harsh conditions, is a new type of high-level equipment on ...MORE

Unmanned underwater vehicle2018-09-04

Our company has a large number of achievements and application cases in self-service underwater vehicles, cable-operated underwater vehicles, water-sealed tunnel detection robots and underwater vehicle body accessories such as composite hull forming technology, underwater cameras, underwater propellers, underwater steering gear, deep-water buoyancy materials. Wave Glider AUV ROV Lithium battery under pressure Underwater servo actuator Deepwater buoyancy material Sea Scooter Carbon fiber propeller ...MORE

Spherical UAV (flying ball)2018-09-04

The spherical aircraft used in the case of collision is carbon fiber mesh protective cover, with high strength, high toughness, excellent heat resistance and thermal shock resistance, low thermal expansion coefficient, light weight and other characteristics, is the preferred material for aircraft in the new era. The spherical flying vehicle improves the maneuverability, and further proposes the shape design suitable for working in complex natural environment and dense social environment. Spherical UAV (flying ba...MORE

Robot Cooperative patrol duty system2018-09-04

Patrol robot adopts modular design, easy maintenance and transformation, and convenient for customization. Its main functions include: mobile, ultrasonic and infrared, platform control, Kinect sound source positioning, electronic compass, GPS positioning and attitude sensor. It can be used for park patrol investigation, multi robot cooperative duty, security networking alarm early warning. Built-in behavior recognition module, the park or patrol within the scope of suspicious and dangerous behavior to make a judgme...MORE

ROV simulation of robotic arm2018-09-04

This manipulator is used for the demonstration of underwater manipulator. The existing ROV manipulator is driven by hydraulic pressure. It has slow response speed, low operation precision, huge bulk and is not easy to use. In view of the existing situation, the design team has improved the structure of the ROV manipulator by replacing the electric drive, reducing the intermediate conversion links, improving the working accuracy, greatly improving the responsiveness; at the same time, using high-strength aluminum al...MORE