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Transformation of pencil lead sintering process line2018-09-04

This set of production line is applied to the upgrading of a pencil industry in Heilongjiang Province. Although the original pencil-lead firing production line can complete the processing, the temperature of the pencil-lead can produced is higher than the temperature range that the workers can take directly by hand, resulting in a very bad working environment for the workers. In view of the above situation, my team proposed to automate the transformation of pencil lead firing production line to reduce the burden of...MORE

Modification of production line for pencil core oil production process2018-09-04

The original pencil lead immersion production line through manual loading and unloading, the worker to control the time of loading and unloading is inaccurate, the efficiency of loading and unloading is low, while the pencil lead filling equipment needs to retain a hand-held structure, the operation cost is high. Now my unit through the addition of six-axis manipulator, the original oil immersion equipment, will increase the automatic control device with the dryer to complete the loading and unloading manipulator, ...MORE

Flexible automatic production line2018-09-04

Electronic equipment assembly process is complex, involving a large number of parts, parts of various shapes, while the installation process involves flexible wire welding, gluing, grinding, dialing, feeding, machine vision inspection, flexible wire rope knotting, spring installation, special-shaped parts fixed, bolt locking. There are more than 130 parts and more than 30 kinds of electronic products. In the case of manual installation, the requirement for skilled personnel is extremely high, resulting in low effic...MORE

Modeling and fracture analysis of virtual elastic objects based on support force feedback2018-09-04

With the rapid development of computer graphics, robot technology, virtual reality and modeling technology, the deformation modeling and fracture simulation of virtual elastic objects have attracted the attention of researchers at home and abroad. Especially, the research on deformation and fracture of virtual 3D objects has been widely used in many fields, such as pattern recognition, computer animation, virtual surgery, structural prediction and analysis. In view of this subject background, the research of virtua...MORE