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Rehabilitation robots begin to spring up,bright prospects will only be reward by overcoming difficulties2018-10-22

In recent years, under the trend of "robot replacing human", various robots are gradually emerging around us. With their own mission and original design intention, they are widely active in various major production and life fields. Just like the different robot characters in the movie, there are “WALL-E” who can be applied in environmental protection, “Terminator” who can be used in military field and, of course, “Baymax” that can be used in medical field. However, in reality, robot used in the medical field is ce...MORE

Artificial intelligence medical equipment has undergone dramatic changes, and domestic medical equipment is rapidly rising2018-07-30

The 27th Annual Meeting of Academic and Technical Exchange sponsored by China Association of Medical Equipment (CAME) was held in Suzhou. The annual industry green paper, China Medical Equipment Development Status and Trends (2018), was issued at the meeting, and a certification ceremony was held to issue catalogue certificates of excellent domestic medical equipment products. Elite domestic enterprises such as United Imaging(联影), Neusoft(东软) and Mindray(迈瑞) are rapidly rising. Qi Guixin, deputy director of the Pl...MORE

China (Hangzhou) has more than 90 innovative projects to enter.2017-07-10

Yesterday morning, the China (Hangzhou) artificial intelligence town was officially launched. East-West Avenue, West-to-East Road, South-to-South Road, and North-to-South Yuhangtang-a town with a planned area of 3.43 square kilometers is located in the core area of the Future Science and Technology City (Haichuang Garden), and consists of a dream town four kilometers away. In order to cooperate with Kaiyuan, an artificial intelligence exhibition was held in the AI town. Our site is not large, but the traffic has n...MORE

In the field of AI, science fiction is not a thing.2017-06-10

Sixty years after the start of artificial intelligence research in 1956, a new wave of artificial intelligence was pushed to new heights by the confrontation of century viewpoints on the theme of “surprise and opportunity in artificial intelligence”. In the field of artificial intelligence, which has become or will become a hot investment spot, what kind of good projects can became the best? On the afternoon of June 9, the 14th Zhejiang Businessmen (Investment and Financing) Conference and the 2017 Zhejiang Busine...MORE