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Robo CT breaks the technical blockade with hard power2020-05-26

The U.S. national security council has ordered exoskeleton robot company Ekso Bionics (nasdaq: Ekso) to end its relationship with Chinese investors and dissolve its joint venture to prevent its deal from posing a serious threat to U.S. national security, the Wall Street journal reported Tuesday.So "what exactly is an exoskeleton and how will it change the way humans live?"It is the "question of ...MORE

The new coronavirus is spreading. Do you know anything about the ICU?2020-02-13

On February 5, 2020, the national health commission released the "pneumonia diagnosis and treatment plan for new coronavirus infection (trial version 5)", which pointed out that critical cases should be admitted to the ICU for treatment as soon as possible.With the spread of the new coronavirus, the ICU is at the forefront of the battle for frontline health care workers.A day to occur many times the rescue, and the virus face to face psychological and physiological will bear a heavy load, the surrounding time sprea...MORE

It won three international awards in seven days2019-12-14

On December 5, 2019, solstice 11, a medical service robot won three international awards in just seven days.They are known as the oscars of Chinese design circles -- China red star awards;The golden horse award of Chinese design circle -- Taiwan golden dot award;Best manufacturing award in the global medical robot innovation design competition.In addition to the China design intelligence award in September -- silver award, this product within six months won four top product design competition honors, experts and ...MORE

[corporate news] leaders of the municipal health and fitness commission visited chengtian science and technology2019-11-11

On the morning of November 8, sun yongrong, secretary of the party committee and director of hangzhou health and fitness commission, led the leading group of planning and construction of hangzhou chengxikechuang corridor to visit our company.Company executives wang tian, chi haidong, zhao qingyu, zhang jiyu reception. The stable development of the company cannot be separated from the strong help and support from the local government of hangzhou, and the intelligent rehabilitation field has a broad development p...MORE

RoboCT won the ”silver award” of 2019Design Intelligence Award2019-09-25

China smart Design Award (the Design Intelligence Award, hereinafter referred to as the "DIA") by the zhejiang province people's government support, the China academy of fine arts, China industrial Design association and the Ministry of Education of institutions of higher learning industrial Design specialty teaching guidance committee jointly sponsor, the xiangshan campus of China academy of fine arts held on September 19, after more than four months, finally wait until the "ultimate".In this tournament The robo...MORE

Looking for the next jack ma: the dream-chaser behind iron man2019-09-12

On September 10, jack ma announced that he would step down as chairman of alibaba group holding LTD., but in a rapidly changing new era, young talents with dreams and persistent efforts in innovation and entrepreneurship paradise like zhejiang province are likely to become the next "jack ma".The first "search" for the next "jack ma" came to hangzhou chengtian technology development co., LTD. The "iron man" dream of sci-fi youth has robots working for everyone. In lilda Internet of things industrial park, t...MORE

The 8th China innovation and entrepreneurship competition was another success2019-08-29

The eighth China innovation and entrepreneurship competition (zhejiang competition area) artificial intelligence industry finals, sponsored by zhejiang provincial science and technology department and torch center of the ministry of science and technology, was officially launched on August 28. The competition area of zhejiang docked with the national competition standards, and added artificial intelligence industry on the basis of the national competition six industries according to the development characteristics...MORE

In 2019, CHINA AID made a perfect ending2019-06-14

CHINA AID introduction Shanghai international old-age care, auxiliary equipment and rehabilitation medical expo (CHINA AID for short) has become the leading welfare industry brand expo in CHINA after 19 years of hard work since it was successfully held in Shanghai for the first time in 2000. In 2019, CHINA AID will open six exhibition areas focusing on the three themes of old-age care, rehabilitation and medical care, assistive devices, life care, livable buildings and health management. Robo CT is com...MORE

Making its debut at the “World Health Expo”, RoboCT Technology has become a highlight of the medical equipment exhibition area!2019-04-17

In order to promote the exchange and development of the world health industry, to gather the global health resources, and jointly build the world health capital, the World Health Expo sponsored by the National Health Commission and the Hubei Provincial People's Government, and hosted by the Wuhan Municipal People's Government will be held in international Expo Center in Wuhan, China. The first World Health Expo ended in Wuhan. There were 180,000 visitors during the four-day exhibition. The RoboCT Technology boot...MORE

Congratulations on RoboCT Technology’s new beginning!2019-02-12

On February 12, the first day of work, Wang Tian, general manager of Cheng Tian Science and Technology, took a lively “Family Photo” with his employees. It is fate and reunion for a family to be together. Just like our company emphasizes the corporate culture of "solving problems, trusting each other and keeping pace with the times". Just as we turned around and walked away, Mr. Wang said with a pile of red envelopes in his hand, “Happy New Year! Everyone has a share of the red envelope!” We laughed and extended...MORE

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