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Making its debut at the “World Health Expo”, RoboCT Technology has become a highlight of the medical equipment exhibition area!2019-04-17

In order to promote the exchange and development of the world health industry, to gather the global health resources, and jointly build the world health capital, the World Health Expo sponsored by the National Health Commission and the Hubei Provincial People's Government, and hosted by the Wuhan Municipal People's Government will be held in international Expo Center in Wuhan, China. The first World Health Expo ended in Wuhan. There were 180,000 visitors during the four-day exhibition. The RoboCT Technology boot...MORE

Congratulations on RoboCT Technology’s new beginning!2019-02-12

On February 12, the first day of work, Wang Tian, general manager of Cheng Tian Science and Technology, took a lively “Family Photo” with his employees. It is fate and reunion for a family to be together. Just like our company emphasizes the corporate culture of "solving problems, trusting each other and keeping pace with the times". Just as we turned around and walked away, Mr. Wang said with a pile of red envelopes in his hand, “Happy New Year! Everyone has a share of the red envelope!” We laughed and extended...MORE

Winning Excellent Award in “China Science and Technology Achievements Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition 2018”2018-12-03

Recently, RoboCT Technology (UGO) exoskeleton robot won excellent award in incubation and cultivation group at the 2018 China Science and Technology Achievements Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Final Award ceremony and the centralized opening ceremony of the innovative park. “Join hands with you for the future” —— The 2018 China Science and Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Final Award ceremony and the centralized opening ceremony of innovative park were held in Yuhang Economic and...MORE

Ifenxi Interview | How can RoboCT Technology’s exoskeleton robot help patients walk when the need for rehabilitation is about to explode?2018-11-13

The origin of rehabilitation can be traced back to World War II. At that time, a large number of the wounded needed rehabilitation, and rehabilitation discipline rose accordingly.  However, rehabilitation-related technologies were introduced in China from 1980 to 1990, but the rehabilitation industry has been tepid. At that time, limited by medical conditions and living standards, the general appeal of patients was alive, and it seems that there is no expectation for rehabilitation treatment, let alone the impro...MORE

Behind the technology is affection, RoboCT Technology Wang Tian: let hurt friends walk freely2018-11-12

Of the 1 million startups only 6 eventually went to the IPO and 50% of the startups will fail within 2 years. If the success rate of each venture is 10% then the success rate of 10 consecutive ventures is 65%. On this journey you will face up to the predicament, anxiety, or be rewarded with power and nirvana. From the beginning to the pilotage keep dreaming and keep fighting. "Pacemaker" Education Technology Channel of Zhejiang TV Setting off Everyone loves Iron Man, and in real life, Iron Man is...MORE

The exoskeleton from RoboCT Technology Development became one of the highlight projects in China Harbin International Exhibition of Scientific and technological Achievements2018-10-15

The Seventh China Harbin International Exhibition of Scientific and technological Achievements was successfully ended in Harbin International Exhibition Center Stadium on p.m. 2, oct.14th, 2018. The main theme was ”Opening the cooperation and promoting regional innovation, resource sharing to achieve multiple benefit”, and aimed at the technical cooperation cross the regions, new materials, biological engineering and new medicine, cold regions industry, etc. The exhibition attract innovative participants from Chin...MORE

RoboCT Technology Development achieve the 3rd prize in “2018 AIIA Cup AI Tour•Medical AI Competition”2018-09-30

The “2018 AIIA Cup AI Tour•Medical AI Competition” was the highest competition level in China, held up by the First Affiliated Hospital, Zhejiang University, Future Sci-tech City committee, AIIA, magazine, Zhejiang Medical AI Lab, Zhejiang University Medical AI Research Center and Shell society. The competition was launched on Mar. 24th 2018, leaded a “Technological trend” in many universities, researching labs, medical facilities and other information companies. After the registration, and the first round screen...MORE

Wang Tian, Cheng Tian Science and Technology CEO , participated in the National College Student Entrepreneurship Training Camp in 2018 to share his experience to college entrepreneurs2018-08-30

The second phase of the four-day National College Students Entrepreneurship Training Camp, sponsored by the Central School Department of the Communist Youth League and the Secretariat of the All-China Federation of Schools, opened in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province on July 21, 2018. It had entrepreneurs, partners of venture organizations, top 100 representatives of College Students’entrepreneurial heroes, and 120 camps from 98 colleges and universities in China. Many members took part in the event. In 2017, Wang T...MORE

China (Hangzhou) has more than 90 innovative projects to enter.2017-07-10

Yesterday morning, the China (Hangzhou) artificial intelligence town was officially launched. East-West Avenue, West-to-East Road, South-to-South Road, and North-to-South Yuhangtang-a town with a planned area of 3.43 square kilometers is located in the core area of the Future Science and Technology City (Haichuang Garden), and consists of a dream town four kilometers away. In order to cooperate with Kaiyuan, an artificial intelligence exhibition was held in the AI town. Our site is not large, but the traffic has n...MORE

In the field of AI, science fiction is not a thing.2017-06-10

Sixty years after the start of artificial intelligence research in 1956, a new wave of artificial intelligence was pushed to new heights by the confrontation of century viewpoints on the theme of “surprise and opportunity in artificial intelligence”. In the field of artificial intelligence, which has become or will become a hot investment spot, what kind of good projects can became the best? On the afternoon of June 9, the 14th Zhejiang Businessmen (Investment and Financing) Conference and the 2017 Zhejiang Busine...MORE

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