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The provincial leaders came to RoboCT

Release time:2020-06-19classification:News

On June 16, 2020 in the afternoon,The vice governor of Chen Yijun in Hangzhou City vice Mayor Hu Wei and Accompanied by the leadership of the local Yuhang District government Chief Chen Rugen,Visit Cheng Science and Technology, with the Provincial Food and Drug Administration Chief Dong Geng Xu Runlong,Provincial Drug Safety Director Commissioner of Nine by the Provincial Government Office Xu Xiaozhong Drug Administration leadership in Cheng Technology such as medical equipment daily SupervisionVisit the and condolences.

(The vice governor and his party visited the company)

King day visit, the firm’s founder, the company in the exoskeleton technology, intelligent medical instrument, special robot technology and the development of intelligent system, and other fields of development achievements and future planning in detail, the scene also conducted product demonstrations, and expounds the intention of detection in recent years, large data, cloud computing and the balance from peers is more outstanding achievements, despite the recent frequently to China foreign technology blockade, but cheng can still relies on high technology advantage, strong r&d team to become the world’s exoskeleton industry leader.

Wang Explained the use and characteristics of leisurely exoskeleton robot)

At the end of the visit, Vice Governor Chen Yijun highly affirmed the current development route and scientific and technological achievements of Chengtian Science and Technology. She stressed that the coVID-19 has brought impact to many industries, but also brought unprecedented opportunities to the development of medicine and medical industry.Roboct needs to focus on core key technologies and weak points, compare with the international advanced level, intensify research efforts, constantly introduce new products and new technologies, and continuously innovate and upgrade.