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Robo CT breaks the technical blockade with hard power

Release time:2020-05-26classification:Enterprise dynamics News

The U.S. national security council has ordered exoskeleton robot company Ekso Bionics (nasdaq: Ekso) to end its relationship with Chinese investors and dissolve its joint venture to prevent its deal from posing a serious threat to U.S. national security, the Wall Street journal reported Tuesday.So “what exactly is an exoskeleton and how will it change the way humans live?”It is the “question of science and technology” issued by the world today.

Say simply, exoskeleton robot is a kind of wearable robot, it is a blend of human intelligence and the power of the robot and the man-machine combination of wearable intelligent products, is a fusion of sensing, control, information, mobile computing is a comprehensive technology, the human body exoskeleton system can realize the perfect combination of human and machine, has appeared in many science fiction.

At present, the exoskeleton robot has made its first appearance in the fields of military, medical care, old-age care, industry and logistics, and has a broad application prospect in the fields of rehabilitation and medical treatment, emergency rescue and disaster relief, military and police protection, entertainment, home care and so on.


At present, the medical rehabilitation field is the most urgent and rigid field for the application of exoskeleton robot.The number of stroke patients in China is 12 million, with an annual increase of more than 2 million.China has more than 168 million people over the age of 65 and the number is rising.Exoskeleton robot can be used to assist or replace therapists and assist patients with motor dysfunction in rehabilitation training. The walking training performed by the lower extremity exoskeleton robot is the training closest to the walking mode and state of human beings, and it can actively cooperate with the patients’ lower extremity residual muscle strength for rehabilitation.Combined with the strong internal information processing capacity of the equipment, it can effectively monitor and record the data of human kinesiology and physiology in the whole rehabilitation training process, give real-time feedback to the patients’ rehabilitation progress, make quantitative evaluation, and provide a basis for the doctors to improve the rehabilitation treatment program.

The printed exoskeleton robot of Roboct has obtained the “NMPA second-class medical device registration certificate” and “innovative medical device of zhejiang province”, making it the first robot applicable to “people with motor dysfunction of lower limbs caused by central nervous system diseases” in China.It marks that the first exoskeleton robot equipment suitable for the rehabilitation training of patients with paraplegia and hemiplegia in China has officially entered the application link, and it has become the brand of “made in China with wisdom”.

Although exoskeleton robot is widely used in various fields and involves all aspects of our lives, it is difficult to break through a series of technical barriers due to the complexity of its internal system, such as ergonomics, human-computer interaction, high-performance core components, etc., as well as the high cost of research and development, which makes many enterprises stay away.Cheng science and technology as a dedicated to the exoskeleton robot technology, intelligent medical instrument, special robot technology and intelligent system development, technology innovation as the core driving force of the robot technology companies, after years of development and polished, has been used in the exoskeleton industry core components with high performance robot field layout, with independent intellectual property rights of more than 100 items, the core technology and its application of external skeletal industry leading.Even if the exoskeleton technology is blocked abroad, cheng tian technology can still become a global leader in the exoskeleton industry with its excellent technical advantages and strong research and development team.

In recent years, cheng technology follows the state advocates industrial transformation and upgrading, in artificial intelligence, robot, a wave of big data, industrial intelligent system, boost the company’s products to digital, networked, intelligent development, deep ploughing and layout for many years, the company has carried on the depth of fusion exoskeletons technology and artificial intelligence, is currently in artificial intelligence, robot layout has achieved worldwide in the field of catch up.

The company always adheres to the mission of “let everyone enjoy the service of robots”, implements the corporate culture of “solving problems, trusting each other and keeping pace with The Times”, and is committed to making everyone enjoy a life of “ease, happiness, freedom and dignity”.

If artificial intelligence has evolved the human brain, then “exoskeleton” has evolved the human body. It is no longer just an auxiliary device or a tool to use, but will become another “new organ” of human beings, which will follow us everywhere in our daily life.