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RoboCT won the ”silver award” of 2019Design Intelligence Award

Release time:2019-09-25classification:Enterprise dynamics News
China smart Design Award (the Design Intelligence Award, hereinafter referred to as the “DIA”) by the zhejiang province people’s government support, the China academy of fine arts, China industrial Design association and the Ministry of Education of institutions of higher learning industrial Design specialty teaching guidance committee jointly sponsor, the xiangshan campus of China academy of fine arts held on September 19, after more than four months, finally wait until the “ultimate”.In this tournament

The robot has won the “silver award” of 2019 China design and manufacturing award among more than 7,000 works from China, Japan, Germany, UK, India and other countries.

DIA award is the first international academy award in the field of industrial design in China. A total of 217 works were selected for the award after passing the offline and physical evaluation of the preliminary and re-evaluation sessions, including 22 works that were eligible to participate in the grand final competition on September 19.From 7,280 entries to the TOP22, the entry rate was just 0.3 percent, which was a tough race.

The key word of the intelligence award 2019 is “humanistic care”, Ufu robot is a standing service robot designed for people with lower limb disability caused by spinal cord injury, brain injury, bone joint surgery and other factors.The product can provide stable lift output in the process of lifting the user, and can quickly stand for 13 seconds without manpower;Able to complete 360 degree rotation in place, left and right translation and other movement, free and flexible shuttle in different scenes, so that users get rid of the shackles of the bed, to help their own life.