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Looking for the next jack ma: the dream-chaser behind iron man

Release time:2019-09-12classification:Enterprise dynamics News
On September 10, jack ma announced that he would step down as chairman of alibaba group holding LTD., but in a rapidly changing new era, young talents with dreams and persistent efforts in innovation and entrepreneurship paradise like zhejiang province are likely to become the next “jack ma”.The first “search” for the next “jack ma” came to hangzhou chengtian technology development co., LTD.

The “iron man” dream of sci-fi youth has robots working for everyone.

In lilda Internet of things industrial park, three kilometers to the west of alibaba’s xixi park, there is a new start-up company — chengtian technology.Here are a bunch of young sci-fi entrepreneurs who have turned iron man into reality.Walking into an office block, where everyone goes about their business in an orderly fashion, doesn’t look very different from the average company.On closer inspection, it was a bit of a boys’ playground again.Everywhere you can see car models, animation hands…The most frequent is iron man.

“Iron man” is their spiritual totem, and their dream is to make the movie “iron man” a reality.They said, “let everyone enjoy the service of the robot.”

Chengtian technology is a startup company dedicated to exoskeleton robot technology, intelligent medical devices and other fields.In short, it’s the development of assistive devices to help people whose mobility has declined.

In the company, the reporter met zhao qingyu, one of the three co-founders.He told reporters that the company was founded in 2012, but he and the other two partners have known each other for a long time.”We both graduated from Harbin engineering university.”

Why choose the development of exoskeleton robot?This for zhao qingyu team, in addition to professional technology, there is a feelings around.

“We all love iron man, and we want to bring the indestructible exoskeleton to life and serve humanity.””Because when you see with your own eyes that your loved ones have lost their ability to move and all the functions of the body begin to fail, it is too heavy and cruel.So why can’t we address the real problems that patients have?”

Set out to solve social problems
makes the machine warmer

Let people live more freedom, dignity, happiness, and dignity, is the original intention of “cheng tian three musketeers” business. to seek a temperature fulcrum, zhao qingyu and partners to the best of their talents.

Zhao qingyu told reporters that the company has a new media operation staff is a disabled person, at the same time, he is also a product experience officer.”The first exoskeleton we developed only helped the user to walk, but it wasn’t a very good experience.Now, we let people with real mobility experience it, and then we keep improving it to make it more and more warm.”

At the same time, chengtian technology is the first to apply intention acquisition to robot products in China.

In the process of assisting patients to walk, cheng tian’s exoskeleton robot does not need to be controlled by the patient’s buttons. All the movements are triggered by the patient’s intention to walk.In other words, if the patient leans forward a bit, the robot automatically senses the patient’s intention to move forward.

For cheng tian, to conquer this point, will realize the domestic industry’s leading technology, which is inseparable from the team members of the spirit of craftsman.In the work atmosphere that seems to be playing all the time, research and development personnel are actually writing the word “persistence” all the time.In order to make the exoskeleton robot safer and more comfortable for patients of different heights, weights, ages and conditions, chengtian technology has made hundreds of optimizations on the same components as the bag belt.

“Speaking at alibaba’s annual meeting on Tuesday, ma said that the decisions they make, the technologies they invest in and the products they make are all based on whether they can solve social problems.This kind of feeling and social responsibility, we have been learning and adhere to.

Article source: new blue net – China blue news