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Congratulations on RoboCT Technology’s new beginning!

Release time:2019-02-12classification:Enterprise dynamics News

On February 12, the first day of work, Wang Tian, general manager of Cheng Tian Science and Technology, took a lively “Family Photo” with his employees. It is fate and reunion for a family to be together. Just like our company emphasizes the corporate culture of “solving problems, trusting each other and keeping pace with the times”.

Just as we turned around and walked away, Mr. Wang said with a pile of red envelopes in his hand, “Happy New Year! Everyone has a share of the red envelope!” We laughed and extended new year greetings to each other. During the Spring Festival, we did not see each other so that we feel something missing. But now we don’t.

On the 8th day of the 1st lunar month,we returned to our posts full of energy to create a new future!

Cheng Tian wishes you all a good start, smooth work and flourishing financial resources!