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Making its debut at the “World Health Expo”, RoboCT Technology has become a highlight of the medical equipment exhibition area!

Release time:2019-04-17classification:Enterprise dynamics News

In order to promote the exchange and development of the world health industry, to gather the global health resources, and jointly build the world health capital, the World Health Expo sponsored by the National Health Commission and the Hubei Provincial People’s Government, and hosted by the Wuhan Municipal People’s Government will be held in international Expo Center in Wuhan, China. The first World Health Expo ended in Wuhan. There were 180,000 visitors during the four-day exhibition.

The RoboCT Technology booth at the “Hanyang Pavilion” shows the company’s advanced scientific research results to the community. At the exhibition site, RoboCT Technology’s lower extremity exoskeleton robots are highly concerned by leaders at all levels and people from all walks of life. A number of leaders visited the booth and stopped to observe the demonstration process of the lower extremity exoskeleton robot, and expressed unanimous affirmation and high praise for the innovation of the lower extremity exoskeleton robot.

the Director of Planning Ministry of National Health Committee Mao Qun’an is shown how the lower extremity exoskeleton allows the paraplegic injured to stand and walk again
Wuhan Mayor Zhou Xianwang stop to be informed of the UGO lower extremity exoskeleton robot

In the exhibition, RoboCT Technology brought the self-developed UGO lower extremity exoskeleton robot and UFO robot. The two products are mainly designed for people with disabled lower limbs and weakness. UFO robot can help users stand, solve the position shift in daily life, and help them take care of themselves in daily life. Many visitors were attracted in the exhibition.

RoboCT Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a exoskeleton technology company specializing in fields of rehabilitation and old-age care. As a scientific and technical corporation with temperature, RoboCT Technology dedicates to artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics, taking it as its own duty the benefits of patients with physical disabilities and patients with mobility problems. A number of media reported on the company’s two products.

“Technology leads healthy future”. Happiness and health are eternal pursuits of human beings. Everyone is eager for life and vitality. RoboCT Technology always insists on the mission of “letting everyone enjoy the service of robots”, making people who are disabled achieve high quality of life and contribute its own strength.