Hangzhou RoboCT Technological Development Co.,Ltd., founded in January 2017, is a technology-driven enterprise that integrates research and development, production and sale. The predecessor of the company was Harbin RoboCT Technological Development Co., Ltd. (2012) which is divided now into Hangzhou Headquarters and Harbin Corporate. RoboCT Technology is dedicated to the research and development of robotic exoskeleton, intelligent medical devices, special robotic technology and smart system. Between Hangzhou Headquarters and Harbin corporate, the latter was designated as National High and New-tech enterprise in 2015. After years of technology accumulation, RoboCT Technology has made fruitful outcomes regarding several programs on scientific research and industrialized products. Besides, with technology and innovation as its core driver, it has applied for over 100 intellectual IPRS and has got over 20 awards in different fields.

RoboCT Technology is dedicated to providing the disabled, the elderly and medical rehabilitation institutes with intelligent rehabilitation devices, rehabilitation assistance and smart solutions through combining Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotic technology with data analysis and cloud computing. It aims to promote medical rehabilitation and drive the pension industry with benefiting the disabled and people with mobility impairments as its own goal. It also involves the research and products development of exoskeleton technology in several fields such as entertainment, industry and sports.

In 2018, RoboCT Technology has obtained Pre-A Round Financing and introduced industrial investors. The inflow of funds and resources has jump-start the company. The corporate culture of RoboCT Technology is “solving problems, trusting each other and keeping pace with the times” which is kept in mind by all the staff. We work to broaden humans’ perception and expand physical fitness, satisfy people’s key demands for convenient moving and a free life and loyal to the corporate vision. Besides, we strive to improve technology and broaden vision with the times, keep leading the technology to provide better robotic products. We stick to meticulously researching and developing in intelligent technology. That means we will better use experience through humanistic care and persistently enhance the industry chain of exoskeleton technology. All these efforts will pave the way for us to become a leading enterprise in terms of exoskeleton around the globe. The era of AI has arrived and the future is bound to be a time when humans integrate with machines. Therefore, exoskeleton must be another accessory organ for humans. All in all, a small step taken by RoboCT Technology to develop exoskeleton technology is a giant leap for mankind.

Enterprise mission

Let everyone enjoy the services of robots.

Enterprise vision

Leader of global exoskeleton.

Enterprise concept

Solve problems , trust each other , keep pace with the times.

Team members 50+
Development 6YEARS
R & D direction 9+
Mature product 15+

intellectual property right

42 Invention
51 Practical
16 Appearance
02 PCT
23 Soft work
19 Trademark